News Archive

17 September 2002: At long last, Jum52 0.7 for PS2 (CD Version) is available. This is the Playstation 2 version of my Atari 5200 emulator.

Also available is Jum52 0.7 for Windows.

22 June 2002: ColemPS2 V1.0b (my PS2 port of the "Colem" Colecovision emulator) is out! You will need a link cable and Naplink to run it.

9 June 2002: Jum52 0.6 for PS2!!! is out! You will need a link cable and Naplink to run it.

11 May 2002: The "platform independant" source code for Jum52 has been updated to the latest version (0.6). This means an updated Mac version will probably appear soon. Any experienced and honest emu programmers who are keen to create BeOS, Linux or other builds of Jum52 please contact me.

16 March 2002: Uploaded my Atari 5200 emulator, Jum52 version 0.6, for Windows and QNX/Photon. Get it from my Atari 5200 Emulator page. It's got a whole lot of improvements.

19 December 2001: I've been sorting the old cassette images of the games and demos I made on the Spectravideo 318 round about 1984. A zip of my Spectravideo games and demos can be found HERE, if you're interested.

4 August 2001: Updated my Atari Lynx programming page with a demo of "Befok", a Lynx game I'm busy with.

7 May 2001: Added a Sega Genesis/Megadrive programming page (see sidebar). It contains my first Genesis release "Jum's Genny PSG Jukebox".
I've also been doing a bit of work on the GTE-related PSX library functions, adding functions to do lighting calculations etc, and have written a simple PSX 3D engine. A new release of the PSX homebrew library will be coming soon!!! And maybe I'll even polish off the SPU part of the libs...

14 April 2001: Win32 version of E3D 3D Model Editor is finally available. See the Game programming page.

20 March 2001: My A5200 emulator "Jum52" has now been ported to MacOS and BeOS. See my A5200 emulator page for details. Also, my PSX game "Warpgate" (my entry to the Lik-Sang console programming competition) is available on the PSX Programming page.

22 January 2001: Get the special "Super Pacman" release of my A5200 emulator (Windows version) on my A5200 emulator page!

18 November 2000: My high-level 3D library for Allegro, "libE3D", can be found on my Games Programming page. This is designed to programming 3D stuff with Allegro as simple as possible.

28 September 2000: Uploaded 3 (yes - count them!) of my PSX emulators - a new version of ColemPSX (faster), and first release versions of my Asteroids and NES emu's for PSX. See my PSX programming page.

4 September 2000: Uploaded 2 new PSX demo's by yours truly: Starlife and Voxel2. Get them from my PSX Programming Page. Source is included. My memory card and file reading examples for mipsgcc will be up soon too.

10 August 2000: Colecovision Emulator for PSX version 0.1a (preview version). You'll need some PSX dev stuff like Xplorer or AR and psexe etc to use this. Runs at about 50% speed. Look out for my Asteroids emu for PSX soon...

16 May 2000: PSX Library Update (featuring my new SPU library). Finally it's here! Specially for all you MIPSGCC users! Text output, fonts, MODplayer, VAB handling, etc, etc... Try it out and give me some feedback.

My Roland D-50 Patch Librarian program (alpha), is on the music page.
My Atari Lynx Demo is on the game programming page. At the moment I'm working on a little game for the Lynx, so watch out for a preview demo!