Jum's A5200 Emulator

Jum52 is a cross-platform Atari 5200 emulator. It is available in MSDOS, Windows, Playstation 2, PSP, Mac, BeOS and QNX versions.


28 February 2010: - Jum52 1.1 for Windiws, PSP and Ubuntu Linux released. See downloads below.

25 October 2004: - Jum52 0.8 MC for PS2 released. This is a version of Jum52 0.8 that runs off the PS2 memcard using the "independance" exploit. See downloads below.
NB: Jum52 0.8 MC will only recognise rom file names in UPPERCASE DOS 8.3 format!

20 April 2004: - Jum52 1.0 for Windows released. Changes include "voice" emulation so that the digitised voices in Bezerk and Baseball can be heard. See downloads below.

15 April 2003: - Jum52 0.8 for MSDOS and Windows released. This version includes some collision detection fixes and video timing fixes. See downloads below.

1 February 2003 - Stef-c sent me a really cool CD-cover image for the PS2 version of Jum52. Get it from the downloads section below. It's worth it.

17 September 2002 - Simultaneous release of Jum52 0.7 for Playstation 2 and Windows. See downloads below.

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Jum52 downloads:

A5200 Links

Jum52 History (News archive)

3 February 2010 - New Windows and Ubuntu versions have keyboard remapping ability (through jum52.cfg file).

16 March 2002 - It's been almost a year since my last version of Jum52. I hope the new version (0.6) is worth the wait! You can download version 0.6 for Windows or QNX below. I expect the new version will be available for other platforms soon (once I've updated the "platform independant" codebase). As usual, suggestions and bug reports are welcome :)

20 March 2001 - A BeOS port of Jum52 has been done (very swiftly and easily) by "Caz". It can be found at BeEmulated.net.

28 January 2001 - A Mac port of Jum52 has been done by Richard Bannister. Check out his Emulator Ports page. He has also re-organised the source code to make it "platform independant" :)

22 January 2001 - Released a slightly updated version of Jum52 for Windows (version 0.51a+pi, get it below), with minor bugfixes and support for the newly-available prototype ROMs, including Super Pacman, which plays just great! An updated MSDOS version will be made available if I get enough requests (ie: 1 :)

12 November 2000 - Jum52 has been ported to Windows, using WinAlleg. Download it below, but be aware that it hasn't been tested much yet. If it runs OK on NT/2000, please tell me. Theoretically a Linux and maybe BeOS version should be possible with Allegro...

6 October 2000 - Version 0.5a is ready. A real scanline renderer has been implemented. Sprite priority and display timing have been tweaked. Speed and compatibility have been greatly improved. A real speed throttler has been implemented and it works very nicely. Collision detection has been improved. Almost all debug output now goes to the log file, and doesn't end up on the screen (on some crappy video cards).