Net Racer (1997)

Net Racer is my second attempt at IPX network programming. The first was a simple chat client using JonIPX and DJGPP, which we use on our household network to send each other stupid messages about whose turn it is to make coffee etc etc.

Net Racer is a very simple top-down multiplayer car racing game, fairly complete, but still needs a lot to polish it off (eg: sound, better graphics and physics model, etc etc).

I took me one weekend to write an alpha version. Then my hard drive crashed and burnt, so it was 3 weeks before I managed to finish the graphics and put it all together. But enough crap...

Download Net Racer (191k, updated 3/12/97).
(Sorry about version from 2/12/97 - didn't work :) This one does).
Download the Track Editor (157k).

As promised, the source for Net Racer and the Track Editor: (38kb) (10kb)

Be sure to read the "dev.txt" doc if you're interested in developing further.

You will need an IPX network to play multiplayer games.
You will probably need at least a DX4-100 to get 70 fps (if your PC isn't fast enough to do this, your car will be slower than other cars controlled by faster PC's on the network).

NB: Please read "racer.txt" and "tred.txt" after you have unzipped the above zip files.

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Created: 2/11/98
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