James' Game Programming Routines and Tips and Stuff

Still under construction... hey, this is Africa time!

Here are some of my own little routines that I've been forced to write over the years, and some tips on game programming. Some may have been inspired by other programmers or published routines. Most of them relate to games programming. You may even find one or two useful!

  1. How to add "behaviour" or "AI" to your game (explanation and source)
  2. How to Move a Game Object over a 3D Landscape
  3. How to add Fog to your 3D engine
  4. Jum's Quick Sort (QBasic source with comments). The fastest sorting routine I've ever invented (not that I've tried too hard), basically an optimised bubble sort.
  5. Binary sort.
  6. Find highest/lowest number in a list (QBasic source). Useful for finding closest/farthest/biggest/smallest/weakest/strongest object.
  7. 10 ways to make your game worse/boring/unplayable.
  8. 10 ways to make your game fun and exciting.

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