Lynx Programming Page


14 June 2019 - Released the updated version of "Befok", called "Berzerkoids" (see "Lynx projects" below, or go to AtariAge forum).

15 January 2004 - The source code for "Befok", "Moon Patrol" and "Choplifter" is now available in the downloads below, since it's unlikely that I'll ever get the time to finish them. You'll need the "cc65" C compiler to compile them.

4 August 2001 - Added "Befok", a demo of a Lynx game I'm working on. It's basically a version of Berzerk.

20 August 2000 - This page created, due to an increase in my Lynx-related activities :)

This page contains info, projects and links related to Atari Lynx programming. Hopefully soon I'll also expand the content to include some source code and some documentation.

For programming the Lynx, you will need to use an assembler or C compiler targeted for the Lynx's 65C02 processor. These can be found by browsing the links below. You'll also need to know how to program in C or 65C02 assembly code (preferably both).

Lynx links: (updated June 2019!):