This page lists my collection of classic home videogame and computer hardware and software (mostly 8-bit stuff). Pictures of the hardware will be put up if I get a digital camera. If you're interested in swapping or buying, email me:

Updated: Sometime 2008 - Sold my Amiga 500, also got an Atari Lynx 2.

Updated: 28 September 2000 - Acquired an Intellivision console with Intellivoice speech synthesizer, and 10 games.

Updated: 6 Feb 2000 - Bought another 2600 console + 6 games.

Classic Consoles

Atari 2600

I have three of these, 2 6-button machines and 1 4-button machine, with some joysticks and paddles which need a bit of attention (one day I'll get round to it), plus some manuals and catalogues. I also have 39 game cartridges for these machines:


Console is in good condition. Intellivoice module is like new (now I just need some intellivoice games...). The controllers are now working fine after a little servicing. Most of the cartridges are boxed, with manual and overlays. Boxes are not in good condition.

Sega Master System (Sold?)

It came with 10 games (incl. built-in Hang-On game), all in original boxes, some with manuals. It is in excellent condition. Even has a card slot in the front. The games I have are: Space Harrier, Alex Kidd in High-Tech World (???), ... (more)

Atari Lynx

I have a working Lynx I with some pixel-rot, which I bought with 6 games: Klax, Viking Child, Ishido, California Games, Qix, Steel Talons.
I also have a Lynx II (refurbished?), plus MegaPak, which was trade for my contribution to the MegaPak cartridge.

Classic Computers

Sinclair ZX-81

Works. I used to use this to tilt my monitor at the right angle. I think I also have a 16k RAM pack, but I think it's a bit warped by the sun.

Spectravideo 728 MSX

Good condition. Cables and manual. I used to have a Spectravideo 318 and 328 too, but I had to throw them away when I moved. I converted all my Spectravideo 318 tapes to .cas files, though. I wrote a few OK games back then, you can download the .cas files HERE.

Epson PX-4

Now here's something RARE! Basically the first laptop computer, with built-in LCD screen (240*80?). Runs on CP/M OS. Works fine, but the rechargeable battery is understandably dead. Works on AAA (penlite) batteries though, or AC-converter. If anyone has a manual for this, please contact me!