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28 February 2010: Released Jum52 1.1 for PSP and Ubuntu Linux.

10 June 2009 - Released "PXDrum" version 1.2. This version adds icons for PSP XMB, fixes timing (BPM) accuracy, has a "Record to WAV" function, adds PSP headphone remote controls, increases song length and number of patterns, and fixes the "running out of menus" bug. Executables for PSP, Ubuntu Linux and Windows are included.

31 March 2009 - Released "PXDrum" version 1.1. (This version includes some minor fixes, and executables for PSP, PS3 Ubuntu, Ubuntu Linux and Windows).

12 March 2009 - Released "PXDrum" (alpha version 1.0). This is a simple cross-platform drum machine.

29 April 2008 - Released "WebFest" (version 1.2). Many fixes and enhancements

16 October 2007 - Released "WebFest" (version 1.0). This is an upgraded version of WebFest that I originally entered in the GBAX2007 programming compo.

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Last Updated: 18 February 2010