James' Emulator Page

Emulators are cool. Below are some emulators that I have created or ported:

Name Emulated System Date Runs on Status
Jum52 Atari 5200 2000-2010 Win32, MSDOS, BeOS, Mac, QNX, PS2, Ubuntu, PSP Active
VecX/GL (Windows) Vectrex 2005-2007 Win32 Active
ColemPSX Colecovision 2001 PSX Working (slow)
ColemPS2 v2.0 Colecovision 2002-2016 PS2 Working great
AstPSX Asteroids 2001 PSX Running
FCEPSX Nintendo NES 2001 PSX Dropped
ITV/PSX Intellivision 2001/2 PSX Dropped

Source code:

Last Updated: 2016-06-08