James' Games

Here are some of the games that I have programmed over the years, from recent to distant:

Name Date Platform Type Status
Webfest 1.2 (Windows) 2008 Windows Arcade Complete
Webfest 1.2 (Ubuntu Linux) 2008 Ubuntu Arcade Complete
Webfest 1.2 (PSP) 2008 Sony PSP Arcade Complete
Escape from Llama 2004 GP32 Arcade 90%, Active
SVG Asteroids 2003 JavaScript/SVG Arcade Complete (?)
Space Dungeon 2002/3 PSX Arcade 50%, Active
Lunar Lander 2002 JavaScript/VML Simulation Complete
Befok 2001 Atari Lynx Arcade 80%, Dropped
Moon Runner 2001 Atari Lynx Arcade 50%, Dropped
Warpgate 2001 PSX Arcade Complete
Lunar Lander 2000 PSX Simulation Complete
Net Racer 1997 PC Top-view Racer 50%, Dropped

If you're interested in programming games, then take a look at my game programming page.