ColemPS2 v2.0

...8 June 2016
Released ColemPS2 v2.0 (Updated version of my Colecovision emulator for Playstation 2 - Check the README in the zip file for the many improvements)

Jum52 1.1

...28 February 2010
Released Jum52 1.1 for Windows, PSP and Ubuntu Linux.

PXDrum 1.0a

...12 March 2009
Released "PXDrum v1.0a" drum machine app for Sony PSP, Windows and Linux. Get it from the PSP Programming page (PSP version + Ubuntu version).

WebFest 1.2

...29 April 2008
Released "WebFest 1.2" homebrew game for Sony PSP, Windows and Linux. Get it from the PSP Programming page (PSP version), or My Games page (Windows and Linux versions).

WebFest 1.0

...16 October 2007
Released "WebFest" homebrew game for Sony PSP. This is an upgraded version of the game I originally entered into the GBAX2007 compo. Get it from the PSP Programming page.


...10 September 2007
Released VecX/GL for Windows. This is an enhanced port of the Vectrex emulator "VecX", with sound and some other stuff. Get from the emulators page.

VecX PS2

...4 February 2006
Released VecX PS2 version 0.2 for PS2. This is an enhanced port of the Vectrex emulator "VecX". See PS2 programming page for details.


...30 January 2005
Released an updated WIP/alpha version of my "Geometry Wars" clone for PS2 (version 0.2a). See my PS2 page for details.

Jum52 0.8 PS2 "MC"

...25 October 2004
Released Jum52 0.8 "MC" for Playstation 2 - this is a version of Jum52 that is made to run off the PS2 memcard using the "independance" exploit. Also released the source code to ColemPSX and ColemPS2.

Blaster Remake

...16 September 2004
I am working on a remake of "Blaster" (Atari 5200 and arcade game), for the Retro Remakes Competition 2004. My remake uses OpenGL and the FMOD sound lib. Expect some screenshots within a few days. Competition closes 1 October, after which I can get back to Jum52 v1.0 for PS2.

Jum52 1.0

...20 April 2004
Jum52 1.0 for Windows released.

19 Feb 2004: Added a page for GP32 stuff.

24 Nov 2003: JavaScript/SVG Asteroids - a game made with JavaScript that uses the SVG plugin, inspired by the same madness that made me create my VML Lunar Lander game (see the "Games" section). Note that you will have to unzip this game before you run it (as Yahoo won't let me upload .svg files), and you will need to have the SVG browser plugin installed (go here to get it).

31 May 2003: Take a look at my OpenGL Stuff.

22 April 2003: Jum52 0.8 for Mac and Jum52 0.8 for BeOS are now available.

14 April 2003: Jum52 0.8 for Windows and Jum52 0.8 for MSDOS is now available for download. These new versions fix some timing and collision problems, and make KABOOM!, RIVER RAID and H.E.R.O. playable. See the A5200 page. The new PS2 version of Jum52 v0.8 will also soon be available.

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